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We specialise in the supply and installation of doors (customized, solid and purpose made), stacking doors, garage doors, window frames, etc. to the residential and light commercial market.

Why JD Wooden Touch?

When dealing with us you get the best and honest opinions about the pros and cons of wooden and aluminium windows and doors as well as the convenience of a company being able to supply it all.

Our wooden product range is made from imported kiln dried Meranti. Supawood doors and mouldings are available on request.


Wooden Doors

Cape Dutch Doors

The story of Cape Dutch Architecture is one of ingenuity, of beauty and of making-do.

Cottage Pane Doors

Often called ‘cottage pane’ the divided light of these popular windows on doors adds a certain elegance to any room.


Every work of art deserves a frame, and you’ll find the perfect partner for your chosen door from our doorframes.

Garage Doors

Manufacturing high quality garage doors is our passion!

Glass Panel Doors

With a wide array of glass panels from decorative to textured or clear, and a multitude of wood species, these doors will fit any architectural style.

Happy Doors

Happy Doors can bring life to any room.

Panel Doors

Panel doors makes a memorable first impression. Semi-exterior doors are suitable for infrequent or partial exposure to the elements.

Slatted Doors

These doors are fast becoming the preferred option in the modern home. We supply and manufacturer both horizontal and vertical slatted doors!

Sliding Doors

One of the most obvious benefits of sliding doors is their space saving properties. They offer a convenient and visually appealing entryway to your patio or backyard.

Sliding Folding Doors

These doors stack away to create more space in your living area. They merge the inside area with the outside area. We also manufacture and install frameless sliding folding doors.

Stable Doors

Stable doors open in two parts, first the top and then the bottom. They are used in places where you do want ventilation, but at the same time keep dogs outside.

Supawood Doors

Our Supawood doors are treated with primer before delivery, ready to be painted.

Wooden Mouldings

Manufacturers of skirtings, architraves and kickblocks

Adding mouldings to your home’s interiors is a relatively affordable way of adding interest and beauty to the décor.

Mouldings will enhance any room space – they will add warmth and character to a space, and really finish it off.

We manufacture and supply dado rails, architraves, plinth blocks and skirtings in Meranti and Supawood.


Wooden Windows

Mock Sash Windows

If you need the looks of a classic sash window but require the ease of use of a contemporary top hung system then the mock sash is exactly what you need.

Side Hung Windows

They are a popular choice, because of their elegant appearance and can have a single or double wing opening.

Sliding Sash Windows

For the ultimate in luxury, a sliding sash window is equality at home in contemporary and classic architecture. Designed with elegance in mind, the sliding sash window is a timeless addition to any building.

Top Hung Windows

Top Hung Windows are ideally suited for additions to existing architecture which stay in line with a predefined style of windows. Additionally it can combine a contemporary look with a breath of fresh air for any building.